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About ink

Founded in 2008, Ink is a new type of online business: a web content studio.

We are a diverse group of talented and experienced media professionals - marketing communication specialists, copywriters, journalists, Internet writers, photographers, video directors and producers, and SEO experts.  We all came from traditional media and made our way to the new land - the Internet.

Our aim is to harness our unique combination of creativity, passion for the online world, and in-depth knowledge of the medium to make the web more enticing for users, more productive for site owners, and more effective for advertisers.

צוות ink - תוכן אינטרנטי

Ink is headed by Eyal Marcus, a journalist, writer and Internet video director. After almost a decade of journalistic experience in the largest publications in Israel, he moved on to create web videos for Ynet - Israel’s largest content website. A lucky coincidence brought him to the lovely city of San Francisco in 2007, where he opened ‘e-Clips’, a web video production company.

Another opportunity - to build a unique web content provider in Israel - brought him back home. Now, leading a team of skilled experts, his energies are devoted to Ink, and furthering its aim of providing powerful, effective and engaging web content.

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