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English Copy-writing

On the web, every word counts...


Today’s web users are impatient. Too often, they arrive at a website, stay for a few seconds, and then move on. Ink can change that.

Our copywriting, created and optimized for the Internet, will deliver more traffic to your website, blog, and even your presence on social and business networking sites (such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter).
Great copywriting will interest and engage your audience - your surfers - your potential clients, and keep them glued to your website.


Copy writing for the web - effective marketing tool

We deliver web content as a compelling narrative. We create effective content that creates a dialogue with your website visitors and transforms them into loyal customers.

What we offer:
• Better ranking on search engines.
• Greater web traffic - More visitors.
• Visitors spend more time on the website.
• Better conversion rate (the rate of visitors taking a desired action – buying something, signing up to a newsletter, etc).
• Our content creates a dialogue between our clients and their website visitors, providing a warm “web intimacy”.
• We offer a package of benefits to our clients’ visitors:
o Rich and enriching content.
o Better web experience.
o Interesting and relevant content.
• We offer our clients an advantage over competitors.

How we do it:
• Analysis of our clients’ marketing needs and the target audience’s needs.
• Analysis of key words and the content related to them.
• Ideas for original, never seen before, content.
• Editing existing content and writing new content – core pages and surrounding articles, blogs, newsletters, etc.
• Routine examination and content creation.
• Distribution of content – text and video, on the web.
• Research into our content’s effectiveness and success, using specific website statistics.

For more information contact us: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


List of our copywriting services and products:

1. Web Copywriting.
2. Translation from Hebrew and to Hebrew.
3. Localization of content.
4. Marketing copywriting.
5. Journalistic writing.
6. Professional article writing and editing, in every possible field of expertise.
7. Corporate Blog writing.
8. Newsletters.
9. Content management.
10. SEO writing.





Selected Copy-writing Work:



כתיבת תוכן - דוגמת כתיבה שיווקית מתוך וויינט כתיבת תוכן - דוגמת כתיבה שיווקית מ-אמ.אס.אן
כתיבת תוכן - לינק למאמר שיווקי בקנול כתיבת תוכן - דוגמה לכתיבת מאמר שיווקי
כתיבת תוכן - קופירייטינג לאינטרנט כתיבת תוכן - דוגמה לכתיבת טור עיתונאי